tenthree is an award-winning team of editors brought together under one roof in Soho, London. Our work covers everything from big-budget features to commercials and music videos, all made with the same spirit of collaboration from our beautifully designed corner of Golden Square.


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tenthree began in 2007 with Billy Mead cutting on Newburgh Street, inspired to create a welcoming space where he could mix working with old friends and new clients.

2009 kick-started an era of organic growth with the arrival of Ed Hoadley and Quin Williams. Taking over the whole building let us expand what we could offer, but we stuck to our guns on what tenthree should always be — a home for the best creative work, and relationships that go further than just business.

Now based just off Golden Square in London tenthree occupies three historic Soho buildings, has a roster of world-class talent, and has evolved into one of the top edit facilities in the world. We’re happy to have gained the esteem of colleagues in the business and the awards that come along with it, but we like to think that the reasons to work with us haven’t changed since day one.

Creative Recognition

2019 Shots Awards Edithouse of the Year Silver
2021 Immortal Awards Edit Company Global 2nd
2021 Shots Awards Edithouse of the Year Bronze
2022 Shots Awards Edithouse of the Year Bronze